Wednesday, January 2, 2008


It's a brand-new year and I bet most of you want to have a happier life this 2008! My suggestion? Focus on “body mind spirit” – be healthy, be smart, be in touch with your soul! And within the first quarter of the year, I bet you'll be as a bunny hopping on the field =) Be healthy is easier said than done since you have to undo all the unhealthy habits you’ve been practicing for years. So let’s just start with the mind-be smart thing! After graduating from college, most of us didn’t go for higher education anymore (masteral, short-course diplomas, etc). Often, we just deal with work stuff and sometimes, with repetition, our mind stagnates.

For 2008, why not try to join programs aimed for self improvement or personal development? Who knows, you might gain a new talent and look at yourself with a new perspective. At the very least, your brain will be happy with the stimuli you gave it. Ergo, you’d be a happier person! =) As for the spirit, it doesn’t have to be religious. Do what your soul tells you to do. For me, meditation just right after waking up and going to sleep does it best =) And my last words? THROW OUT YOUR JUNKFOOD and start bingeing on fruits and vegetables. And if you can forego meat too, that'd be the best thing you can do to make your body happy. Ergo, you'll be happier! But then, these are all just suggestions. No violent reactions please ;-p

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