Thursday, January 17, 2008

audio FOOD ads, anyone?

So, you noticed? I mean, the yummy visual FOOD ads I've put up in this blog. Hehe! In my money blog, I've been putting up ads like crazy, changing every now and then the companies I advertise. But here, in a food blog, delicious food ads rule! Hehe! Cheeses and jelly beans are my fave foods ever since I was young so these are the two ads I put up. If you love them too, go order! LOL! =) Anyway, my "real" subject for today (no recipe, sorry!) is the use of audio ads. If you're interested, read on! If not, hop on to my next post which has a delectable dish recipe for you to try =)

120x600 *** Jelly Belly

We all know that most of a blog or website's income come from ads (Google, TLA, Bidvertiser, etc). Affiliate marketing ads (my food ads belong here) are also the rage these days. Unfortunately, mature internet users now have "ad blindness" -- that is, they don't click on the ad because they know it's an ad. Unless they really want that cappuccino jelly beans or gourmet cheeses & chocolates on my ads, hehe! So, how will I earn from every visitor in my blog now? AUDIO ADS! Your visitor doesn't have to click anything, the ad just plays instantly if the visitor IP is valid. And the ads are unobtrusive, just 5sec! Interested? The go to =) You can also earn as an affiliate from them if you don't like to put audio ads in your sites.

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