Monday, December 17, 2007

christmas bonus!!!

And 13th month pays are in! Woohoo! Surely, even if you spend a lot during Christmas, all these bonuses from your employer will tide you over til the next payday. Right? RIGHT?? No? Oh well, you can always do cash advance or get a payday loan right? I sure hope so! It won't be cool if you get in debt during Christmas. That's just sad! =( As for me, I'm unemployed in real life but because of blogging, I have more than enough money to celebrate the holidays with style! Hehe! Also, my boyfriend got his Christmas bonus early and we went shopping for gifts. We even finished Christmas shopping for our family first week of December! Anyhoo, I still have gifts to buy -- this time online and of course, it's gonna be FOOD! This is a food blog after all. Hehe! Take a load of these delectable gift goodies from --

Imagine giving a food basket worth more than $100!!! Man, aren't you a big spender?? LOL! But that expensive gift basket contains premium baked stuff, some imported wine, and lots of gorgeous food blings. I certainly wouldn't mind receiving it! But I would certainly mind giving it, hahaha! I'm sure I'd get in debt if I send $100 gift baskets to all my friends I care about =) Still, no worries, there are payday loans to tide me over til next year if ever it will come to that horrible situation. Hehe!

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