Tuesday, September 25, 2007

transferring my food blog!

The new home of Tongue Temptations is almost finished! I'm so happy that my food blog finally has its own domain name. And that's because of Kitty! She had this contest and luckily, I was one of the winners of a free domain name. My contest entry is here. THANK YOU SO MUCH KITTY! You are so generous! =)

I'm still in the process of transferring my old posts from Tongue Temptations' old home here so pardon the dust. The old blog has been renamed Quick Bytes.. (..for a better online life!) and will be my personal blog. From now on, the new url of my food blog is TongueTemptations.us ..Do bookmark it and visit me in the next few days! Hopefully all old posts have been transferred and I have a new foodie post for you to drool over =)


Cherry Rose said...

tag, you're it! view the details here: http://www.blogsilog.com/?p=187

gwapasila said...

blog hoppin`, visit me sometimes if you a chance. TC