Tuesday, June 19, 2007

gaga over frittata!

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I never, ever skip it if possible and I usually eat large amounts during this meal. Early morning is also the time I'm most inspired to cook and invent yummy meals. So if you want a taste of my cooking, better visit me during breakfast time for you will be surprised with my delish creations =)

Frittata1 For the past few days, I've been surfing food blogs and I came upon Lunch in a Box's entry about mini-frittata (yellow stuff in cupcake tin) and I was enamored with it! I longed to cook it and I finally did today, yum! Now, you ask, what's a frittata? Here is a definition from one of Labsie's fave sites, WIKIPEDIA: "It is a type of Italian omelette that frequently features fillings such as meats, cheeses, and vegetables. Like a normal omelette, a frittata is prepared in a skillet. However, whereas a normal omelette is cooked on a stovetop and served folded, a frittata is first partially cooked on a stovetop but then finished under the grill and served open-faced." Hmmm, I really think it's the pinoy version of the ubiquitous scrambled egg with lots of fillings but NOT fried. Right on!

Dscf0028_1I won't blog on how to make a frittata, just click the link I provided above as it has excellent instructions. I made 3 frittatas, each with different fillings. The pix on the left shows the browning frittatas inside our tough-as-nails turbo boiler oven. The one on top has a heart-shaped pork tocino piece (this is breakfast after all!) which is not seen, the one on left has cheesedog bits and the one on right has beefsteak strips. All 3 had delicious mozzarella cheese, yum! =) Notice they look like cupcakes or macaroons. At one time, they were even bubbling like crazy! Must beDscf0032 the milk and cheese that I included. After cooking (in pan & oven, about 20mins) and cooling, I ate the one with tocino. Super super super yummy! I wanted to eat the other 2 but since my youngest bro had classes today (thus he needs protein), I left it for him and he promptly demolished it. I think he loved it too, hehe =) Here is my finished *first attempt* frittatas. I would certainly make this again! Next time with other fillings and in bigger servings. One cupcake-size is definitely NOT enough!

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