Tuesday, June 26, 2007

gaga over frittata - round 2!

I made frittata again today, this time with different stuff. I used mixed vegetables (corn, carrots & peas) and beef steak with the usual mozzarella. This post is mostly for foodporn purposes, i.e. watch out for loads of unedited pictures!! Teehee!

Ready to start cookin'! Can u see all the colorful stuff I've added??

A closer view.. Looks like a very creamy soup eh? Mmmm!
. after 10min -->
It became fluffy! Looks so yummy! I think it's the melted mozzarella rising.

A closer view.. Parang puto cheese ni mama! Only with veggies instead of cheese.
. after another 10min -->
It's all done! Perfectly baked and browned! This is my bro's portion and --

-- this is mine! My lovely breakfast for today with cup frittatas =)

A closer view.. Is it blurry? Sorry, I'm just using our Jurassic 1.2mp digicam eh!
. and the last, but not the least -->
The UBE HALAYA! Or ube jam, if that's what you prefer. It's from the Good Sheperd nuns in Baguio City. It's absolutely heavenly that it'll have it's own post soon. Watch for it! =)

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