Wednesday, June 17, 2009

tips for soft, chewy cookies

Last time, I shared Mrs. Fields Oatmeal Cookies recipe and it seems that a lot of you were wondering how to make it softer and more melt in your mouth. Well, here are the tips to help you make chewy cookies (and maintain it that way) that we all love!

- VERY IMPORTANT: Do not over mix the dough or use too much flour.

- Bake cookies the minimum amount of time, even though the center may look slightly underbaked. Let cookies stand on baking sheet for one to three minutes to continue to bake, then remove to cooling rack.

- Store soft cookies in an airtight container.

- Do not store soft chewy cookies with crisp type cookies.

- Use shiny aluminum cookie sheets, not dark colored ones.

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TigerLily said...

Ooh I love Mrs.Fields Cookies! ^__^