Friday, March 14, 2008

Baguio Country Club cookies!

My parents had a company affair in Baguio City, our country's summer capital (coolest city), the other week. They stayed at the Baguio Country Club where gourmet cookies and other baked goodies are exclusively sold to club members and checked-in patrons. Yes, the country club is THAT snooty! LOL! But with a reason -- their cookies are to-die for and does not have that commercial taste. Super delish! =) Their cookies as gifts will surely will surely be a hit to the recipient.

Mama bought 3 types of cookies -- my forever favorite oatmeal and nuts cookies, yummy chocolate chips cookies, and double chocolate cookies. All are large (about 3 inches wide) and a pack of four costs P56. Way cheaper than Mrs. Fields cookies and just as delicious! The downside is, as I mentioned, you only get to buy it in Baguio Country Club. Yup, you really have to go to Baguio as they don't do cookie delivery. Unfortunately I have no photos of the famed goodies coz I demolished them all the moment Mama gave them to me. Yup, I'm a cookie monster!!! =)

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